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Gator Nations summer holiday basketball camp

This summer we host our very 1st basketball holiday camp running from the 31st of July till the 4th of August 2017. This will be held at the chiswick school sports and fitness centre Staveley road entrance, London W4 3UN. Camp will start at 9am in the morning for those dropping of the children and finish at 3pm last pick up will be at 3:30pm. This is for children aged between 7-14 years of age, camp officially starts at 10am after morning shoot around and all campers have arrived.

The camp is based on national countries and there are four countries to select from. Great Britain, China, U.S.A, and Brazil are the countries that campers get to represent. On day 1 when campers arrive they will be put into groups based on age and school year group. Each group will have a team leader who will coach and look after them the whole day of camp.

The team leaders are players from our under 16 boys team who are all volunteering there summer holiday to be working and achieving there Duke of Edinburgh awards. The team leaders are known as our young leaders of the club who are the club ambassadors and will use the camp to help them prepare for there own futures after they leave secondary school. Each group will have the same team leader the whole week so the team leader will get to know each person in the group very well.

After groups are made each group will then have the team leader pick a country in our lucky dip draw. The draw is a random country the team leader selects that will be the groups team for the whole week of summer camp. Day one of camp is for team building and fun games like dodge ball, ultimate tag, capture the flag, and king/queen of the ring. Each win a team has is added into points points are done with a points system by which, wins are 20 points non wins are 10 points draws are 20 points each. The teams points are calculated at the end of each day on a score board and every day the team in the lead gets a treat at the end of the day. Team leaders get to coach there team during the morning drills and afternoon matches. Every lunch time team leaders get to take there group into the hall for lunch and then out into the school play ground area for either football games or table tennis games. Lunch is an hour every day at 12pm till 1pm then at 1:30 in the afternoon we begin playing our matches where countries play each other. Parents are welcome to come and watch the matches during the afternoon to support the teams. Flags of each team country will be held by each cheering team during matches by subs who are not playing at the time. Bonus points can be picked up by the team who are cheering the most these points are known as cheering points to show support for team mates.

At the end of the week team leaders will get to pick a player in there team who will wins Most Improved Player certificate. I will get to choose the 3 payers who win M.V.P of the camp those winners get a Nike basketball each and a 50% discounted membership to join the club next season. All campers will get 2 free coaching sessions and a 10% discount on all membership prices for the new season. The camp will be used for talent spotting of players who would want to make the Chiswick Gators under 12 and under 14 teams for next season.

Above all this camp is aimed at getting young children to be more fit, encourage social awareness and bound in our community and good old fashioned fun. So I really hope to see you all signed up and booked on, remember all full day week bookings made before July 12th gets you 20% early bird discount.

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